Installation is Easy

Written on 12/03/2018
Patryk Urbanczyk

Your application is a Progressive Web App - PWA in short. Among other benefits of PWA is the ability to install the app directly from the internet.  To get it up and running on parents phones follow the steps below:

    1.    School delivers the app link (url address) to parents

After we finish building your app, we provide you with the app link. This is where the app resides on the internet. To install the app your parents need to open it in the internet browser on their phones. There are many ways of passing this app link to them. You can send a note to parents with the link. In this case they would need to type it into the browser's address bar. You can have banners in the school displaying QR code. The parents would scan it with their phones and the app link would open automatically.  Also one of the most effective ways of passing the app link is in SMS message. The parents in this case click on the link in the message and it opens in the browser. One or a mix of above ways can be used.

    2.    Parents open the provided link

Depending on the link delivery method used in the first step,  parents click on it in the SMS message received from the school or type the link into their phone internet browser. Alternatively they scan the QR code from the banner.

    3.    Parents follows the displayed installation instruction

Once the app link is opened it recognises user's phone and displays installation instructions accordingly. The app is installed onto the home screen in 3 clicks. No passwords needed.